hafizulhadith - حافظ الحدیث
شیخ الاسلام حافظ القرآن و الحدیث مولانا محمد عبداللہ درخواستی کی پون صدی پر محیط دینی خدمات کو انٹرنیٹ پر پیش کرنے کا ویب پورٹل

Biography of Shaikh ul Islam Hafiz ul Hadith Moulana Muhammad ABDULLAH Darkhwasti R.A.

Political Services:


Since He got education from Deenpur Shareef that was a center of not only spiritualism but also jihad &political movements, he took part in practical politics along with teaching and preaching. He participated in Khilafat movement & Freedom movement. After making of Pakistan when a large numbers of scholars gathered in Jameyat Ulmaah Islam as a  platform for Islamiaziation  he also participated with them. During the reign of the supervisor of Jameyat was the great interpreter Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori, he worked as a prominent worker & visited every knock & corner of country for introduction of jamiat’ mission . After the death of Hazrat Lahori, scholars of Jameyat elected him as supervisor & he served on this post for 32 years during which great historical personalities worked under his supervision.

When his name was produced as a possible chairman, the great relator Hazrat Maulana Alama Syed Muhammad Yousaf Banuri supported him and said:

           “the supervisor of Jameyat was Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori & after his death only that person is eligible for this post who possess some qualities of Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori. For this none other but Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Darkhusti is the closest one. Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori has spiritual pedigree with Hazrat Deenpuri and Darkhasti also belonged to the same. From educational perspective Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori use d to teach interpretations i.e. tafsir whereas Maulana Darkhuasti also used to teach the same. From physical perspective Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori was tall bodiedwith long beard & Hazrat Darkhuasti had the same beard. So from superficial as well as internal view, Hazrat Darkhuasti was able to replace Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahori as he has an additional rank of “Hafiz-ul-Hadih”.

Though during his reign sub-grouping aroused for which he worked for there culmination, still all leaders of all groups considered him as leader. Due to his & his followers’struggle, the party became so popular that in 1970 election it aroused as 2nd largest party of West Pakistan. Then in next elections got success in NWFP province with majority votes & made government there. Hazrat Mufti Mehmood the leader of Jameyat was selected as governor of the province who served in great way in his less duration. In Khatam-e-Nabuwat movement of 1974 he played prominent role. Movement for establishment of system of MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) was also started in his reign whose supervisor was elected as Mufti Mehmood & many political parties struggled under his leadership.

He remained leader of jamiat till his last breath. Though Jameyat was of democratic view but he also had his own point of view that he was not a political person & wanted to clear it to all public that he did not know politics of March but he could not leave politics of Quran & Sunnah. His biggest mission was rule of QURAN &SUNNAH forever.

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