hafizulhadith - حافظ الحدیث
شیخ الاسلام حافظ القرآن و الحدیث مولانا محمد عبداللہ درخواستی کی پون صدی پر محیط دینی خدمات کو انٹرنیٹ پر پیش کرنے کا ویب پورٹل

Biography of Shaikh ul Islam Hafiz ul Hadith Moulana Muhammad ABDULLAH Darkhwasti R.A.


Early Education:


The process of early education starts from home. In the age of nine and some says in the age of 11 years he memorized the holy Quran under the auspice of his father. Then he was sent to “Khander wala Madrasa” situated in one mile away from town Darkhawast under the patronage of Hazrat Maulana Qadir Bakhs and Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Bakhs for the education of urdu, Persian and arbic syntax. Here he studied three years.


Completion of Uloom E Islamia:

After the completion of early education, he was sent to Din pur Madrasa for higher education under the patronage of his father’s Sheikh where he collected the pearls of and Gnosticism for six years. Hazrat Khalifa Din Puri(R.A) used to listen Haidth Daliy from him and bless him with prayers. Due to his intelligence, hard work and good codes, he was specially focused by the care and prayers of Hazrat Khalifa. In addition with other teachers, he completed his Islamic Education with Hazrat Maulana Ghulam Saddique Haji Puri (authorized khalifa of hazrat Maulana ashraf ali thanvi R.A) , Hazrat Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haji Puri (favourite pupil of hazrat maulana mahmood hasan) and Maulana Abdul Razzaq Jujvi who were the symbol of knowledge and character. Therefore on the ceremony of his “Dastarbandi” Hazrat Khalifa put special turbine on his head and said:

“the mission of spreading Deen which was given to me by by ancestors; today I transfer it to you.Lets promise me by neglecting up all worldly desires that you will spend your life for the completion of this mission without caring of the benefits and losses”


The truth is that Hazrat Darkhawasti has fulfilled the promise which he made up with his teacher.


After the completion of course of DARS-E-NIZAMI, he studied the Tafseer e Quran from Hazrat Maulana Hussain Ali(R.A). during education he also studied many high graded books in Mehmand madrasa (ahmed pur shirkia) from Hazrat maulana Ilahi bakhs.


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