hafizulhadith - حافظ الحدیث
شیخ الاسلام حافظ القرآن و الحدیث مولانا محمد عبداللہ درخواستی کی پون صدی پر محیط دینی خدمات کو انٹرنیٹ پر پیش کرنے کا ویب پورٹل

Biography of Shaikh ul Islam Hafiz ul Hadith Moulana Muhammad ABDULLAH Darkhwasti R.A.


Teaching services:


He started teaching up till his health was good. He taught tafseer, Haddes and all other kinds of books regarding knowledge and arts. Along with the foundation of Jamia Mahzin Uloom he started teaching “Doora Tafseer ul Quran”(Understandin Quran Course )in the months of Shaban and Ramzan which Allah has blessed with so much fame and popularity. Therefore every year may students and scholars form inside and outside country came to attend “Doora Tafseer ul Quran”. On careful evaluation, almost 50000 Aulama’s has completed the Tafseer ul Quran from him. Out of which large number includes Aulama-e-Mashaikh who thereafter turn out to be the stars of knowledge. And spread the knowledge of Hazrat Drakhawasti and some are also spreading till now. The services that Hazrat Drakhawasti has given to Hadees are known by many times. He has great love for hadees. He used to read this shair many times:




My way is to love PROPHET and his sayings

People have many ways to express love.

Therefore, when the great scholar hazrat Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmir (r.a) came bhawalpoor to fight law-suit against Qadiyanis and hazrat darkhasti recited the whole bukhari from memory, then he gave him the great tiltle of HAFIZ-UL-HADITH (SCHOLAR OF HADITH) ,which thereafter became the part of his name and today the world knows him with this name. For many years he taught all the books of DOORA-E-HADEES ( a higher class, in which only hadith are discussed exclusively). Major portion of his lectures were consisted of Hadees Shairf. When he used to take name of Prophet (S.A.W) and continuously read Hades, and when he used to translate the Hadees with the name of Prophet (S.A.W), everybody sit still and listened to hadess with great concenteration. Thus whenever he goes for umrah and hajj in Mecca and gave lectures in which he read Hades’ in his unique accent , all of the ULAMA belonging to different countries specially of ARAB countries started swinging ecstatically and expressed their surprise on his astonishing memory. His devotion to hadiths and their continous teaching bore fruits that many his students appointed on the level of Ustad-ul-Hades’ amd Shekh-ul-Hades’.



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